About us

Company has been formed in year 1955. as toolworks of Jugoturbina, Steam turbines plant, Diesel engines plant and Pumps plant. In the period until 1996. the capacity of the installed machines was mainly used in the manufacture of tools, including:
• Standard and special cutting tool
• Additional tools for clamping, measurement and control
• Variety of devices
• Parts and components of various machines and devices
• injection molds for plastics, rubber or polyurethane
• die-casting molds for metal
• punchings 
• forgings
• different types of blades for wood, printing, paper, textile and processing industries

In 1996th the company was privatized and is 100% privately owned. It comprises a commercial space of approximately 2100 m2, and in year 2007. it has built 3400 m2 of new space. The company employs 60 workers.